Give your customers what they actually want

With the help of UniqEyewear's tech you can tailor and create glasses for your customers the way they actually want and need. Some customers know exactly what they want, some are less certain, some will try on glasses for a long time and still not find the one pair that they love.

Buying glasses can be a struggle.

That's why biometric glasses are perfect and the future of the eyewear industry. I know we keep saying this over and over again but with the help of this new technology you can introduce colours and sizes to your customers that haven't been available to them before. It's a win win situation for everyone, you get to be a part of a group of independent opticians championing this new technology in Denmark and your customers will walk away with a pair of glasses that are unique and different.

Nyt Syn in Roskilde is our latest store to join in the venture, but more and more stores across the Danish country are hopping on board the train. 

So what are you waiting for?