Ultimate Personalisation!

Your face is uniquely shaped and different from everyone else's, so commercially made glasses are not going to be perfectly tailored to suit its needs. That is why the biometric scanning technology is perfect going forward and into the future of the e commerce business. Instead of having to try on multiple pairs that are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, 3D technology will improve the whole shopping experience, particularly by making everything faster and smoother, shopping new glasses have never been this fun. 

Not only does this technology make it possible for you to try glasses on wherever you are, it also gives you an opportunity to design the look of them yourself. Designing glasses yourself is a special experience, it's fun and it's easy but because of the technology we use, the glasses that are made actually fit your unique face perfectly. 

Glasses are an accessory you should be proud to wear, and what could be better than having a choice in how you want them to look and fit.  

You can download and use the app, it’s really simple and you can scan your face and try glasses on remotely, from wherever you are. We’re constantly working on improving the eyewear industry and soon enough you will be able to get our glasses in store too. We’re very excited to take you on the journey together with us.


Dare to be less ordinary with UniqEyewear.