Top 4 eyewear trends that businesses in the optical industry should keep an eye on

Due to eyewear being greatly linked to fashion it changes a lot depending on the season. Because trends come and go everywhere around the world, the eyewear industry is no different. 


Here we have listed the top 4 popular consumer trends right now. 


Clear light weight frames
Translucent colours, such as blue, pink, purple and clear have slowly been taking over the fashion world in 2021. They are classy and imaginative and they are becoming more and more sought after in stores.



Metal frames
This style started gaining its momentum at the end of 2020 and has now reached its peak in 2021. Metal frames are especially popular in golden lightweight frame. All shapes of these glasses are popular, though this season aviator and round style seems to be the must have. According to various fashion magazines and future trends predictions glasses with metal frames does not seem like it will go out of style any time soon. Maybe it’s the new classic that is here to stay?


Vintage round glasses
In recent years the round glasses have gone from being associated with Harry Potter and nerdiness to one of the most popular eyewear trends today. Every year new models make it onto the shelves, be it in metal or acetate frames, even aviator has started going rounder and rounder, jumping on the train. You'll be sure to find round glasses everywhere from your local independent store to the big brands.


Customised glasses
The most interesting out of all the trends might be this one. Customised can mean a lot of things, but mostly it means glasses that look good while also giving the wearer the most functionality throughout the day. Commercialised glasses don't always fit each individual's unique face shape so slowly but steadily tech has been making waves across the eyewear market. This is the one to especially look out for in 2021.