We are disrupting a conservative industry not forced to evolve...yet.


We are first-movers in technology - believing in a better tomorrow.


3D crafted glasses from biometric scans and even fully automatic sight tests.


Bringing you better, more advanced and personalised products and services.



We are running a vertical with both B2B wholesale and a B2C retail concept store.


Concept store - Field's Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsens Allé 12 (plan 1), 2300 København, +45 53 53 92 60, fields@uniqeyewear.com



Concept store manager & Chief Optician



Optics & Brand Ambassador



Optics & Brand Ambassador


More people behind...


Founder, Strategy, Sales



Philip Knudsen

Background as marketing director Northern Europe in Specsavers + various leadership roles across industries.



Advisory Board



We have a group of people from the industry without a public profile.




Jesper Marcus

CEO in Sektor retail marketing agency, startup advisor and investor. Member of Gentofte city council.



Marketing & SoMe


Paula Nastase