Cool glasses, High quality acetate frames


What fits you?

Big catty eyes or more traditional glasses? You choose. With the help of the app you'll not just get a glasses that fit you perfectly, you'll also be able to try on different models of frames to see what fit you best. The beauty of this is that you can do it from wherever you are. All you need is the app and you are good to go.


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Bold and stylish

There are lots of opportunity for you when you design your glasses yourself. Have you ever found that the glasses you're looking for in a store don't have the right colour or pattern? With us that won't be a problem as you can decide for yourself what type of glasses you want, colourful and bold or stylish and chic. Everything is at your doorstep.


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Why biometric glasses?

Mass produced glasses are not built specifically for the measurements of your face. Therefore, you can find that with glasses you've bought from a store can slip down on your nose, itch behind your ears or leave red marks on your nose. This doesn't happen with glasses you make through VEA as they are made to fit your face perfectly.


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Different frames styles

We have two main ranges. This is the one we call OSIX because it's modern and has a solid feel to them. With us you can design them yourself from the beginning, from fitting your face perfectly to choosing different colours and patterns that are unique and different, or more traditional and stylish.


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Be Unique

Because everyone's face is different we want to help make glasses that recognises that. By downloading the VEA app it will through an accurate face scan use your biometric measurements to find a pair of glasses that fits your face perfectly.


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The future of eyewear is here!

Our concept is VEA - Virtual Eyewear Assistant, it is innovative technology that will help improve the eyewear industry for the customers. The app is easy to use and you can now order a pair of glasses from wherever you are.


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Online prescription

The future of the eyewear industry is getting your sight prescription straight to your phone. Avoid the hassle of going to your optician and pay a lot of money. Instead, use the app and get it straight to your phone.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We offer you ultimate personalisation with our glasses by giving you the opportunity to add traditional craftsmanship to your new or existing frames. Take the chance to turn your glasses into a piece of jewelry.  


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Timeless styles

Frames that you design yourself, they never really go out of style. With the help of easy, innovative and modern technology you get to look your best self. The process is playful and fun and at the end of the day you get to wear something you've been part of creating.


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Must have

Discover our broad range of frames, created so that you have an option in how you want to design your future glasses. The future of eyewear is innovative and gives you the opportunity to choose how you want them to look.



Wear it with pride

Designing a pair of glasses yourself will ensure a unique sense of style and touch that can't be found anywhere else. Creating intricate details and blending it with catty frames - you will for sure be the most unique one in the room. Wear what you create with pride.


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Colours and blends

We want you to be able to wear a pair of glasses that are unique just like you. Therefore you have the option of choosing from 300+ colours when you decide to use VEA to design your frames. It gives you the opportunity to create glasses that are different and bold or go for the more traditional and everyday look - if you so choose.


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Glasses for all individuals

If you're looking for glasses as unique as you are, you have found the right place. We want to celebrate all individuals, whether you prefer minimalist and classy frames or bold and bright colours, we have something for everyone.


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Rethink eyewear

Join us in rethinking the eyewear industry and breaking down barriers. 'Photograph' your face and take the next step in joining the future of eyewear, in which technology plays a big part. It's fun, creative and you get to be in charge.


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Express your personality

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Dare express your personality through different and unique details. Match your everyday outfit with fashionable frames.



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Be in charge of your glasses

It's all about simplicity and sophistication and with our attention to detail - creating your glasses will ensure an unforgettable experience. At the end of the day all that matters is how you want your glasses to look.


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Pay attention to details

Choose to pay attention to the details and create something that you will cherish. With VEA (Virtual Eyewear Assistant) you will get to have a say in how your glasses turn out. They will fit your face perfectly because there were made specifically for it.


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Be bold

With the versatile colour palette available on our website you'll undoubtedly find something that is perfect for your style. When everyone is ordinary, choose to be extraordinary instead.




Timeless frames

These glasses are our classy collection, feminine and beautiful. The design is timeless, so investing in a pair of frames for the future is an amazing choice.


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Handmade glasses

You get 100% custom made glasses from Italy with endless colour combinations to match and create however you like. And they will fit your face's measurements perfectly.

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Black is back

The next time you buy new glasses, why don't you make them yourself? It's easy, quick and cost effective. It's time to get on board with technology as the future assistant of eyewear.


Classy collection

Your glasses are ultimately going to be your most valuable accessory, make sure it's designed to make you want to wear it with everything in your jewelry draw.



Classy black

Simplicity is the soul of modern elegance. Endless opportunity when designing your frames yourself is fun and playful. No more conventional approach to eyewear anymore.



Classy translucent

Our attention to details are one of the many things that define us. Mix and match your own designed glasses with your wardrobe. Make it fun, that's what the eyewear industry is all about with us.



Black minimalism

Combine our amazing classy glasses with your favourite accessories and outfits. Express yourself through your personal style and dare be classy in a modern world.


Translucent minimalism

The trend of minimalism have also crossed over to the eyewear industry. Therefor we want to bring your attention to the classy glasses collection which is all about mixing modern femininity with timeless elegance.

Pink minimalism


Pink minimalism

The trend of minimalism have also crossed over to the eyewear industry. Therefor we want to bring your attention to the classy glasses collection which is all about mixing modern femininity with timeless elegance.