Unique like you

Each person's face is different from everyone else's!

Through an accurate face scan, we use your biometric measurements to help you find a perfectly fit and styled pair of frames.

Designed by you - handmade in Italy. Lenses still made by your local optician expert.

Download the app now and try!.....or play around here

Step 1
Pick an overall frame style

Pick between two main ranges:

OSIX - Modern and solid feel

iGreen - Light weight, flexible and easy to adjust. Changeable temples.








Step 2
Pick a raw front frame shape

Big cat eyes, classic shape or something very different? Choose between +100 different models


Step 3
Pick your colour pattern

Pink Leopard with a shiny look or just matt black? +300 options!


Step 4
Make it happen!



You've now designed your own glasses.

From the biometric scan of your face to choosing a frame style and colour.

We will create a perfect fit to your face from precise measurements between your eyes to your ears and shape of your nose.


Final step is to visit our partner optician to get a sight test and get your measure for the right lenses to fit.

Click to find from store locator.

In a couple of weeks we have produced your design from either 2D or 3D frames.

Your optician will have them ready for you and check that you are fully satisfied.


Cool - but why biometric glasses?

Red marks on your nose?


Have you ever taken off your glasses and seen small red marks on the sides of your nose?

This happens because the glasses do not fit perfectly on your face and causes a redness of the nose area.

With VEA (Virtual Eye Wear technology) this does not happen.

You can build the frame to measure in perfect harmony with the shape of your nose.



Glasses slip on your nose?


Has it ever happened to you that the glasses slip on your nose?

This happens because the frame is not built to the measurements of your face, ears and nose.

Thanks to biometric glasses you will drastically reduce these situations .

You no longer have to use a finger to push the frame back into place.



Irritation behind the ears?


Have you ever bought a pair of glasses that hurt behind your ears?

Mass produced glasses are not built specifically for the size of your face.

They can be too tight or too loose.

VEA (Virtual Eyewear Assistant) gives you the opportunity to "photograph" your face and build a perfect frame for you.



You need light weight glasses!


A frame doesn't have to be heavy to prove its strength and durability.

A pair of glasses are put on the face several times a day. It must be built in such a way as to withstand all these stresses.

VEA (Virtual Eyewear Assistant) is a lightweight and durable eyewear that can withstand all of this.



More details about...


Design made in Italy.

Unique Eyewear is the agent behind the new revolutionary Virtual Eyewear Assistant in the Nordic region.

Thema Optical is the company that develop and own the technology.

It has been launched, validated and tested in the US and several markets in Europe.


Start by downloading the VEA app from Apple app store

(in order to use the biometric technology Iphone X or Ipad Pro Gen 9 are minimum requirements).


Scan your face and play with endless frame and colour pattern combinations.



Visit one of our trained VEA (Virtual Eyewear Assistant) opticians.

They will guide you through the right choices to place the final order of the frame.

They will consult you if you want a 100% biometric fit - either 2D or 3D. Prices start from 1995 DKK.

Order will then go to the factory in Italy and be produced.

Our partner optician will also carry out the traditional sight test and pick the right lenses to fit in the frames.

2 weeks later your designed glasses will be ready for you.


You are more than welcome to visit us any time, make an appointment or ask questions by providing your details below.


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